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Our customers do the talking for us. Fuel Right ticks the boxes in so many ways, from preventing contamination, improved economy to cost of treatment and convenient dose rates.


To whom this may concern,

Miclyn Express Offshore has been using Fuel Right in our inshore and offshore vessels over the last 4 years with exemplary results.

The fuel treatment 30K has been outstanding in the rectification of contaminated fuel due to bio fouling within holding tanks. In some occasions where bio fouling due to water contamination has developed within Cargo tanks, Fuel Right has been introduced with outstanding results within weeks. Fuel Right has been so effective that during periodic tank inspections there has been zero fouling by the way of sludge left on any tank coatings within the tanks.

Fuel Right 30K has saved MEO thousands of dollars by enabling MEO to treat bulk fuel and the holding tanks themselves. Not needing to remove/shift fuel from tanks, gas free for inspection and introduce further chemicals for cleaning is a huge plus.

Daniel Schenk
Technical Superintendent

I started using Fuel Right in my commercial vessel a couple of years ago. I instantly noticed my engine sounded much smoother and had less emissions upon start up. I also had more power and my fuel burn went from 22 litres a hour to 17 litres per hour at the same speed and rev range. After that I used it on every fuel up and i’m sure it saved me lots of dollars and my motor was happier for it.

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody with a diesel motor it proved itself to me over time and now I use it in my truck as well. Give it a go I’m sure you will notice the difference.

Steve owner operator Auckland Sea Shuttles

Due to the weather and sea conditions our AMF 1170 Quick Response Vessel (QRV) is used in, we need to absolutely confident we will have no issues with fuel contamination like diesel bug, or water in fuel. Definitely an unacceptable situation during a callout.Whilst servicing the boat on the hard, we discovered a black gel like contamination in both fuel tanks, and because we have had previous experience with this, we sought out a long term solution we could rely on.

Through contact with some of the local marine mechanics, we came to Fuel Right. A unique highly concentrated fuel conditioning product from the USA. The Taranaki distributor suggested we double dose initally to break down the sludge contamination. We therefore dosed both tanks with Fuel Right FR 15k, and it worked!

This treatment successfully broke down the sludge plus the added benefit of pushing water out of the fuel (a requirement of engine manufacturers that water shouldn’t be in the fuel system).

After changing the filters we put the boat back into the sea and test ran it. We have had no bug problems since regularly dosing the fuel with the Fuel Right.

Lynn Fitzsimons

I met with Student Transport Canada yesterday and results are excellent – master mechanic will recommend us – he is VERY impressed! I saw the fuel economy data today – ranging 12-15% improvement. I am waiting for approval for release from the bus company president. The mechanic was amazed at how clean the injector looked.

They are using :

  • International 365 Diesel engine

  • Mileage 166,592 km

  • 2008 school bus

The Injector condition is “amazing” after running on FuelRight.

Tim A. Rivard

Dear Mr. Sari,

Following our yesterday’s teleconference I would like to inform you on my observations regarding the use of “FuelRight” additive in our vessels.

Our fleet consists of three vessels. Two tanker/ro-ro vessels that operate solely on MGO and one chemical tanker that operates primarily on IFO 180 but uses MGO to enter/leave ports. We frequently had a lot of problems with bacterial infections in MGO storage tanks. At the time, we were using Bioguard to treat the MGO tanks and while it was somewhat effective, we actually had to manually clean the MGO tanks every 2,5 years (when the vessels were dry-docked) in order to remove sludge.

In May 2015 we started using FuelRight additive to all our bunker tanks both in MGO and IFO. Immediately we noticed a night and day difference in MGO tanks. There were no problems with microbial infection whatsoever. In fact we have now stopped using the onboard microbial test kits and we can almost strip the tank to its bottom without having problems with filters clogging as we had before using fuelright. I personally inspected the MGO bunker tanks of one of our vessels that was dry-docked on September 2015. The tanks were clean.
As for the IFO 180, I carried out a lot of tests, with and without Fuelright during these eighteen months over several bunkerings as to ensure that I could attribute any positive results to Fuelright and not to the possible variations in bunker quality. I can now attest that there is less sludge production and the fuel filters’ cleaning intervals increase significantly, about 30% when using Fuelright. Bunker quality of course still remains of great importance.

The vessel has also shown significant fuel economy, about 18% in the last year, but since we have implemented some other good practices regarding fuel economy at the same time that we started using FuelRight, it is difficult to assess how much does the additive result in fuel economy by itself.

Overall, ours has been a positive experience. We intend to keep using FuelRight in the future, treating our MGO and IFO bunkers on a continuous basis.

Kind regards,
Konstantinos Pegios
Technical Dept. Manager
Elin Shipping Company
Tel: +302105592004

The largest private marina in the Southern Hemisphere. Diverse operations.

Fuel Right:

  • Travel-lifts, Cranes and Trucks

  • Vessels (petrol & diesel)

  • Equipment (fire pumps etc)

  • Fueling facility

30 tonnes of contaminated fuel bunkered in Bali.

  • Suffering from constant filter plugging and engine failure.

  • Fuel Right shipped to client and tanks treated.

  • Filter plugging ceased, engine failure ceased.

  • Client had tried all the top brand biocides to attempt cleaning with no effect.

  • Fuel Cleaning Services

  • Sludge remediation

Marine Harvest trialled multiple additives including biocides and Fuel Right was the only product to correct the severe fouling in their fuel system.

  • Diesel generators

  • Resolve sludge issues

  • Experiencing generator shut-down

  • Multiple sites

Barge Fuel Storage Treatment

  • B5 Biodiesel

  • Sludge remediation

IT Intrepid – Cable Laying Vessel

  • Vessel tanks contaminated

  • Dry docked in Malta

  • Fuel Right 15K deployed to clear fuel quality issues

Kailis Marine has been a Western Australian specialist marine support and service provider for over 40 years. Kailis Marine offers extensive vessel services by experienced marine engineers and tradesmen. Our services are coupled with the highest standards of safety, service and technology available in the marine industry.


  • Fishing Fleets

  • Diving Vessels

Ferry group with INCAT and conventional ferries

  •  53 vessels in fleet

  •  ~ 150M litres of diesel fuel annually

  •  Sludge / Microbial contamination control

  •  Improved fuel economy (estimated to save them $5-6M annually)

Brazilian Ferry Company

  • Operates multiple ferries

  • Gujara

Fuel Right 15K
One Month Tral
Dark fuel sample taken at the beginning of the trial
Clear fuel sample taken from tank at the end of the one month trial
Company now operates with Fuel Right with all fuel deliveries

MV Quinsam

  • Resolve existing  sludge contamination, filter and fuel line plugging

  • Stand-by generator fuel tank

Northern Expedition

  • Prince Rupert, BC

  • Stand-by generator fuel tanks

  • Eliminate use of biocide and stabiliser

  • Replace with single technology – Fuel Right

  • Issues Solved:

  • Constant filter plugging due to sludge.

  • Excessive maintenance call-outs for fuel system issues.

  • Water in tanks.

  • aCost Benefit Analysis:

  • Savings in maintenance call-outs.

  • Savings in down-time.

  • Fuel savings in vehicles: Toyota Hilux fleet.

  • 205,000 litres Marine Gas Oil

  • 2 x CAT C3516 2000 kW @ 1600 rpm

  • Cummins 6CTA8.3 Gensets

  • Both companies have implemented Fuel Right into their fuel program.

  • Newfoundland, Canada

  • Sable Island

  • Hibernia

  • Hebron (2015)

  • Fuel Right specified for use in platform fuels

  • Estimated fuel demand: 20MT/month

  • 800,000 Litres treated.

  • Initial results:

  • First round of filters heavily fouled, second much cleaner.

  • Engineers have noted increased performance. Engines and generators more reliable.

  • Offshore Service Vessel

  • 850,000 litres

  • 1 of 7 in their fleet

  • Caterpillar engines

  • Severe contamination: Fuel Right has eliminated diesel sludge and inhibited corrosion in their fuel systems.  It has been adopted across the fleet

  • Vessels treated: Bear, Beaver, Beech, Cedar, Hemlock, Spitfire, Willow, Elm, Larch, Oak

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